Friday, November 12, 2010

Curious Goods SALE and a FALL GARDEN PARTY this Sunday afternoon ONLY at the Lindy Mall in Malakoff!


Malakoff, Texas

The Special Guest Speaker will be

MARY WILHITE, owner of the 
Blue Moon Gardens
One of East Texas' Fabulous Gardening Destinations!

Mary will speak on winter gardening and answer your gardening questions. 
There will be door prizes and refreshments.   
Join us for this fun and informative event.

ALSO ~ Many areas of the mall

ASK FOR your 20% discount at the front register off of
anything in the Curious Goods Shop
inside the Lindy Mall!!

Our CHRISTMAS TREE is for the BIRDS!!!
It is FULL of bird ornaments of all kinds and 
there are also other birdy ~ type things to be found under the tree!
Can't wait for you to see!

~~ Donna 
 Just a few Selected pics to give you
an idea of what Curious Goods
is up to these day!
Would LOVE TO SEE YOU on Sunday!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lindy Mall Sale a Big Success Hosting Sisters on the Fly!

 Welcoming our new friends to the mall!

 These ladies were such good sports. 
The one in the center is soooo tall!

 These sisters know how to have a good time~!

 They had to be patient today to be checked out. 
Janet and the staff were wrapping as fast as they
could, but the shoppers were shopping faster!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SALE 25% off Everything at Curious Goods in the Lindy Mall Oct. 8 - 10

FALL is HERE!!! **
Cooler Temps are moving into Henderson County
and this has given me the urge to purge!
I have been taking inventory by the box-fulls
and adding to my ROOM at the Lindy Mall
It is like a mini - CURIOUS GOODS. 

A bit of this and a bit of that...
from the RUSTY CRUSTY to Scrabble Letters
to Pressed Glass and Fishing Lures!

I am giving a 25% off discount off of everything in my 
showroom. The last time I did this, things FLEW outta there!
So... if you are inclined to take a peek...
Hurry on to the Lindy Mall at the end of this week. I
will be there on Friday from 10 till noon or so...

Because, on Friday, some special ladies 
are going to be in town. **

Have you ever heard of THE SISTERS ON THE FLY???
They are a sisterhood of FUN, Shopping, Fly Fishing,Fun, Restored
Vintage Campers, and did I mention FUN?
The Group is going to be at the Lindy Mall swtarting about 11 am 
on Friday the 8th. If you would like to meet them and find out
what they are all about, maybe you could get them to 
tell you all about it. When we met them last year
they did not appear to be a SHY BUNCH at all!   LOL!

One of the ladies, Valarie, has a beautiful blog you may know of
called Glimpse of my World:
Go Check it out!
See you at Lindy on Friday!
****** (Photo of Camper credit to Valarie!, Photo of
cutie pies credit to my daughter, Laura Rinn) ******

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Curious Goods at the Lindy Mall in Malakoff, Texas

Hey there!
Update on Curious Goods...
We are now located exclusively at 
The Lindy Antique Mall
in Malakoff
on Hwy 31
(The main drag thru town)
headed toward Athens.
Open Tue - Sun

We have 2 booths that are getting filled up,
so it is time to get on over there
and check it out!
Just ask at the front desk where we are located.
We have an entire room to ourselves
in the front,
and a booth in the back
I refer to as "Parts and Pieces"
because it has just that...
things to get your creative
juices flowing...

Look forward to seeing you there!
~~~ Donna

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rhonda won't be able to go fishing for a while...

Hi Friends~
Just a note to ask for your prayers.
Rhonda is going to have a hysterectomy
Monday morning, July 19th.
She will be in Tyler at Mother Frances'
and is not looking forward
to this at all!

First because it is just NO FUN to have
things like this done...
Mainly because she will not be able to go
for a couple of weeks or longer.
Dr. M. said that she can ride on the boat
after a couple of weeks
and then fish, well, later.....

Poor Poor Rhonda!
(Lucky, Lucky FISH!)

Hugs to all and thanks for your prayers!!!

Sweet 16 Dear Daughter 'O' Mine!

Laura Elizabeth with her big
brother, Koen.

Just wanted to say, sweet girl, that
I am blessed to have you as my
daughter, and I wouldn't
change one single thing!

The first 16 years have gone by
way too fast. May the next year be
one full of great experiences and
wonderful memories.

I love you!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

50% off at Winnie & Tulula's for Curious Goods booth

50% off sale now through This Saturday!
I are no longer going to
have a booth at Winnie & Tulula's. At least not for a while...
I might pop in for special occasions! Gloria and the team there could not be better to work with, but I cannot seem to get my ---- together! I cannot stand having my booth look too sparce. I am sure you have all noticed it and I am so sorry to disappoint! :(

I know that it
seems like I have been hiding out...
and I have missed seeing all of you there, but
That new baby...
and other life "Stuff"
have had me on a different path
of sorts in the past few months...
The photo is of my soon to be 16 year old
daughter, Laura Beth, with soon to be 7
month old granddaughter, Ellie!
Forgive me?

I will give you updates more often, I promise!
At least baby pictures with life stories, if nothing else, right???

We will continue to have have our booth at
the Lindy Mall in Malakoff on Hwy 31, and
are in the process of moving inventory there
from our shop downtown which is
no longer open. You know how things got
for some of us... the economy hit some
harder than others. There are still a lot of cool
places to shop in Malakoff that are doing very well!
I am so glad that they are, and hope that
you will all come thru Malakoff on your
way to Winnie & Tulula's and check them out.

Again, I miss seeing you all
and hope to maybe hook with you
there at the Lindy Mall sometime. Let me know when
You will be in town. My email address is
(change this in your address book!)

Sale ends Saturday, sorry for the short notice.
Hugs, Donna

Friday, January 29, 2010

WHERE have the Curious Goods Girls been???

Let these pictures speak for themselves!
Baby Ellie Jo Rinn
born 12-17-09
She is perfect and being the first Grandbaby for us,
We have had our Showroom in Malakoff Closed for the Winter Season.
We still have our booths at the LINDY MALL in MALAKOFF
This weekend we are headed to Dallas to a Comic Book Show (not what you
expected, I know) to show our Jewelry Line, NECKJUNK.
At the end of February we should be back showing at CANTON in the Civic Center.
Sorry that we have been missing in action...
thanks to those who have been trying to
track us down, LOL~
Will add more BABY PICTURES SOON as I am having camera troubles. :(
XOXO, Donna and Rhonda