Tuesday, July 6, 2010

50% off at Winnie & Tulula's for Curious Goods booth

50% off sale now through This Saturday!
I are no longer going to
have a booth at Winnie & Tulula's. At least not for a while...
I might pop in for special occasions! Gloria and the team there could not be better to work with, but I cannot seem to get my ---- together! I cannot stand having my booth look too sparce. I am sure you have all noticed it and I am so sorry to disappoint! :(

I know that it
seems like I have been hiding out...
and I have missed seeing all of you there, but
That new baby...
and other life "Stuff"
have had me on a different path
of sorts in the past few months...
The photo is of my soon to be 16 year old
daughter, Laura Beth, with soon to be 7
month old granddaughter, Ellie!
Forgive me?

I will give you updates more often, I promise!
At least baby pictures with life stories, if nothing else, right???

We will continue to have have our booth at
the Lindy Mall in Malakoff on Hwy 31, and
are in the process of moving inventory there
from our shop downtown which is
no longer open. You know how things got
for some of us... the economy hit some
harder than others. There are still a lot of cool
places to shop in Malakoff that are doing very well!
I am so glad that they are, and hope that
you will all come thru Malakoff on your
way to Winnie & Tulula's and check them out.

Again, I miss seeing you all
and hope to maybe hook with you
there at the Lindy Mall sometime. Let me know when
You will be in town. My email address is
(change this in your address book!)

Sale ends Saturday, sorry for the short notice.
Hugs, Donna


  1. I've been asking about you and wondering if you were ok? Sorry to hear you're moving out but so understand the economy situation. Hope it gets better. Keep in touch, T

  2. I miss you Donna, and hope that all goes well in everything you do. Keep in touch and I'm sure I'll see you around.


  3. Girl...I know about life and trying to do it all, but it's all about priorities and I would say a new baby takes the top spot...at least for grandmothers!
    You'll be missed, but I'm holding you to the special events promise!

  4. I have missed seeing you at the Mall, sorry to hear that your moving out, but I do understand! I do hope you will keep in touch, maybe I'll see you at the Lindy Mall sometimes! Blessings~~~Daphne

  5. I forgot to say... what a beautiful baby! I have a new granddaughter too, she was born April 9th and I keep her 2 days a week while her Mom is at work! Daphne

  6. I am sooo glad to hear your "voice" again. I have been wondering how you were doing. Ellie is just gorgeous. I understand about those grandbabies!

  7. Thanks, girls! I miss you too. THAT is the best part of the business.... all of YOU! I look forward to at least attending events and coming over often to enjoy the bistro! Maybe even some blogger meet ups? I sooo appreciate you all... Love, Donna

  8. We've been wondering what happened to you guys! We certainly understand about the grands! Glad you are OK and maybe we'll see you soon. Maybe you can just come for a visit at Warrenton. Susan

  9. Dear Donna and Rhonda, Must have been a hard choice, knowing you can't do it all shows wisdom, however, and that is important, take care of the home front, and as I have talked with you many times, do your foot work, just keep on keeping on, and it WILL all come together.... hang in there.. love Linda

  10. You are all so thoughtful... We appreciate it, and we appreciate being part of such a great group of people! We won't be strangers!

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