Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gardening and Raising Chickens... OH MY!

Salvaging Materials to build a Chicken House. 

Chicken House going up slowly as we design it. All materials salvaged except screws, paint, and a sheet of plywood
Chicken's nest had to be re-worked, but is now ready for move in when the hens are ready!

Building fencing to keep out the critters around here is a challenge!

Yes, I have done some of ALL of the work... except the roofing.

3 week old chicks are a riot to watch.

Square Foot Gardening, the "Mel Bartholomew" Method. The plants have doubled in size since these photos last week.

Broccoli's modest beginnings...

Thanks for checking in on me... just a bit of what has been keeping me busy in March! Veggies and Fresh Eggs are the future staples in my home!