Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SALE 25% off Everything at Curious Goods in the Lindy Mall Oct. 8 - 10

FALL is HERE!!! **
Cooler Temps are moving into Henderson County
and this has given me the urge to purge!
I have been taking inventory by the box-fulls
and adding to my ROOM at the Lindy Mall
It is like a mini - CURIOUS GOODS. 

A bit of this and a bit of that...
from the RUSTY CRUSTY to Scrabble Letters
to Pressed Glass and Fishing Lures!

I am giving a 25% off discount off of everything in my 
showroom. The last time I did this, things FLEW outta there!
So... if you are inclined to take a peek...
Hurry on to the Lindy Mall at the end of this week. I
will be there on Friday from 10 till noon or so...

Because, on Friday, some special ladies 
are going to be in town. **

Have you ever heard of THE SISTERS ON THE FLY???
They are a sisterhood of FUN, Shopping, Fly Fishing,Fun, Restored
Vintage Campers, and did I mention FUN?
The Group is going to be at the Lindy Mall swtarting about 11 am 
on Friday the 8th. If you would like to meet them and find out
what they are all about, maybe you could get them to 
tell you all about it. When we met them last year
they did not appear to be a SHY BUNCH at all!   LOL!

One of the ladies, Valarie, has a beautiful blog you may know of
called Glimpse of my World:
Go Check it out!
See you at Lindy on Friday!
****** (Photo of Camper credit to Valarie!, Photo of
cutie pies credit to my daughter, Laura Rinn) ******

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