Friday, November 27, 2009

CONFESSION In this Post... (Winnie & Tulula's in Athens OPEN HOUSE STARTS TONIGHT!!!)

OK, folks, I have a confession to make!
Being vendors at W & T's in Athens
means that we have been
in the store
this week
and got a sneak peek
(behind the curtains that were hung so YOU
could not see in!)
This is an event, gathering, and party
that YOU are NOT going to miss!
Some of our favorite friends, designers:
Peg and Jon of French Vanilla AND
Linda and Ludmil of Willows Nest
are sharing their wares with us...
YOU WILL WANT to have a piece of designer
wonder from their collections!
You do not have to drive to FAR AWAY PLACES
to see ALL of the Designing Women (and guys too)
with their Holiday inspirations... beautiful,
glittery, inspirational, and,well, you know we
(Curious Goods) are funky...
as usual, but we somehow we have a
place among all of the wonderous
designer decor.
NOW, I have to say that I KNOW some of you were up
at 3:00 this morning at the Wally World type place
of your choice.... so take a darn nap and
be in Athens at FOUR this afternoon!!!
You do not want to miss the
the SASSY D.J.
who will keep us entertained
while we snap up the most unusual one of a kind
Holiday Decorations this side of the Red River!
If you cannot be with us tonight, then
get ta going in the morning and join us
anytime from 10 - 6 tomorrow
There will be wonderful food and fun
and we promise to save some of the
beautiful and unsual treasures
just for you!